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Rory Fitzgerald

Team Member, Expert Panel

Rory Fitzgerald joined the Centre for Comparative Social Surveys as a Senior Research Fellow in May 2004 and became its Deputy Director in November 2007. He is closely involved in the design, management and overall coordination of the ESS and is a member of its Central Co-ordinating Team. He is part of the questionnaire design group working closely with ESS question design teams on the new modules included on each round of the survey.

Before joining the Centre he was a Research Director at the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen), which he joined in 1999, having previously worked at Gallup specialising in political opinion polls. He is a graduate with a first class honours degree from Cardiff University and a masters in European politics from Swansea University. At NatCen he managed a number of large-scale social survey projects, most recently the Department for Work and Pensions ‘Family Resources Survey’ (FRS).

He has carried out a number of large-scale computer-assisted face-to-face and telephone surveys, conducted cognitive and exploratory research and analysed complex datasets.

Deputy Director, Centre for Comparative Social Surveys, Sociology
City University

United Kingdom


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